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Above Ground Pools

  ALPHAThe cognac colored pool frame includes a 6-inch steel ledge and 5-inch steel post, each protected with polyester paint and clear “Krystal Kote®” topcoat. Two-piece injection molded resin caps complete the structure
  DYNASTYThe sturdy DYNASTY khaki colored pool frame consists of a wide, 8-inch extruded resin ledge, coupled with a 7-inch extruded resin post and topped with a three-piece injection molded resin cap and post collar.
  MIRAMARThe pearl colored pool frame is comprised of a 6-inch extruded resin ledge combined with a sturdy 6-inch steel post protected with polyester paint and clear “Krystal Kote®” topcoat. A three-piece injection molded resin cap and post collar coupled with an injection molded resin lower post collar complete the structure.
  MONTERRAYThe sturdy sub-frame features an extruded resin top and bottom track, injection molded resin top and bottom connectors and lower post collars as well as resin oval side posts. Just add one of our colorful liners and you and your family will have a superior pool to enjoy for many years of easy fun.
    The Best Grade, 100% Virgin Vinyl
Recycled vinyl can adversely affect a liner’s performance. We use only the very best above-ground-grade vinyl on the market to ensure long-lasting performance and beauty.
Beaded” Liner PatternsOverlap Liner Patterns Patterns to Match Your StyleVyn-All® above-ground pool liners are available in a variety of patterns to suit your needs. And every Vyn-All above-ground liner comes with All-ClearTM, a special clear top coat applied over print patterns to protect against wear and fading while reducing the adhesion of soil to the liner.

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Cornelius offers a full line of quality built above ground pools. From the introductory level Alpha to the top of the line Monterray, Cornelius has a pool for you. When things start heating up, you can start cooling down in a new Cornelius Above Ground pool.

Cornelius is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of Above Ground and Inground consumer pool products. All Cornelius Pools are designed and built to the highest standards in the industry. Each pool is carefully crafted to provide years of problem-free family enjoyment.